Solutions for Humanity Inc

Technology to enable people, planet & prosperity to thrive in balance.

Our Why

Solutions for Humanity Inc has been established to grow and empower a community of purpose-driven changemakers to solve humanitarian and social problems at global scale.

There is no planet B.

For future generations to survive and thrive, we have to work within planetary boundaries to sustain and regenerate our habitat and humanity

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Collaborative partnerships to move the world towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating regenerative and circular solutions, within the doughnut of planetary limitations.

We use emerging technology and system thinking to develop scalable solutions for global impact.

How We Do Things

We are a non-profit incorporated association, focussed on solving wicked systemic humanitarian and social problems at global scale.  Using evolutionary frontier technology, we are creating the levers to help make this happen.

We partner with other organisations where possible, enabling and supporting technological innovations to solve the world’s most complex problems.  We are both a philanthropic charity, as well as a research and development NFP.

To be self-sustaining and grow the scale of the positive impact we can make, solutions are setup as social enterprises, with purpose and doing good at the heart of what they do, and in their constitution.  Solutions for Humanity Inc retains part ownership, as well as a share of profits, so the non-profit entity can keep operating to develop and support solutions in support of the SDGs and beyond.

Together, we can enable a regenerative, resilient and sustainable future for all.

Enabling Systemic Change
for global outcomes

Be Part of the Solution.
Join us in creating the systems and solutions that will enable a regenerative and prosperous future for people and planet.

Year Required
Billion People to Impact
Planet to Save

Creating solutions that accelerate progress towards all 17 areas of the Sustainable Development Goals and beyond.

What we're working on

To solve complex global problems, we need new ways to understand the world around us, providing knowledge to make more impactful decisions.

The platform improves program outcomes, to start solving the underlying symptoms, beyond current band-aid solutions & create sustainable systemic change.

We are creating the technology platforms that will enable a regenerative and prosperous future for people and planet.

The primary use will be for humanitarian-aid, disaster, non-profit, social and welfare programs – enabling better beneficiary outcomes and progressing systemic change.

This is just the first of many initiatives we will be working to enable change for a better future – check it out :rocket:

Upcoming Impact Areas

Pretty much everything we are working towards is contained with the UN Sustainable Development Goals; however, there is a lot of great work, research and initiatives we also actively support in the work we are doing now, or have as goals of our own to work towards – these are guided by our focus impact areas.


Once the data/AI platform "brain" of is launched, it will power our active efforts to help solve the following - because these are endemic, wicked, complex problems that need solving !!!

Global Girls Education, Within This Generation

Poverty, Equality, Equity, Justice

Doughnut & Regenerative, Circular Systems

Resilience, Safety & Mental Health

Started In Melbourne,
to Benefit the World.

Focussed on Global Impact, we are spread across the world – from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  It is only through diversity, inclusion and working together, that we can change the world for good.

Enabled with  from Melbourne

Never turning away from the problem we see.

Our kids, our family, our community, our planet … they deserve better than the direction the world has been heading.

It is for them, for all us and future generations, we will keep striving to spread our love and hope, taking action for change.

Collaborate & Partner for a Better World